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Syndiotactic Polystyrene (sPS)

Syndiotactic Polystyrene (sPS)

Excellent Electrical Properties

sPS stands for syndiotactic polystyrene, a semi-crystalline high-performance plastic. Its most important properties are its outstanding electrical performance and low shrinkage – despite its semi-crystalline structure. Due to the high melting point, it can be exposed to very high temperature environments without warping. Syndiotactic polystyrene is also hydrolytically stable and resistant to a large number of chemicals.

Processing of sPS

SPS has low melt viscosities so that even complex thin-walled components can be easily manufactured. Due to the rapid solidification during cooling, sPS offers the possibility of shortening the cycle time and reducing the need for internal cooling sections. This is difficult to impossible to guarantee with complex tool provision. Long drying of the granulate in the production environment is superfluous, thanks to the outstanding hydrolysis resistance.


SPS has a high dimensional accuracy. This is due to the unique semi-crystalline structure in which the crystalline regions have the same density as the non-crystalline ones. As a result, shrinkage and warpage are at the low level of an amorphous plastic.

Application Areas of sPS

sPS is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals used in automotive, electrical and electronic environments. Its very high stability in humid environments is particularly important for automotive and household appliance applications. Due to a low dielectric constant and a low dielectric loss factor, electrical enclosures made of sPS offer excellent electrical insulation and low power dissipation.

In addition, the high tracking resistance and dielectric strength result in a better service life of the device under high voltage.

Our sPS portfolio includes glass fibre reinforced grades up to 40%, as well as FDA- and KTW-compliant and UL-listed grades.

This sPS Is Available from K.D. Feddersen

Find the Right sPS Grade for Your Application

Our experts will help you to find the right sPS for your individual requirements. We have been a distributor in the plastics industry for 60 years, so you can benefit from our materials expertise and knowledge of the market.