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1A Surface

PP Hostacom TRC 333N Ensures Perfect Surface Quality

Polypropylene (PP) With Low Emissions: Hostacom TRC 333N

Visible Components With a Perfect Surface Finish

The multi-plate structure and wide variations in wall thickness of the back seat panel for the BMW Mini John Cooper Works made it difficult to achieve a 1A surface for the component. The processor and raw material supplier worked closely together to obtain an optimal component that was stable as well as visually appealing.

Müller-Technik GmbH in Steinfeld is one of Germany's most innovative automotive suppliers. The visible parts manufactured by the company have an established reputation in the industry. When it comes to surface appearance, the choice of material is a non-negligible variable, in addition to component design and optimal tool layout. The challenge here was to produce a back panel for the front seats in the custom model made entirely out of plastic, to emphasise the car’s sporty look. Good scratch resistance and low emissions were therefore key aspects.

The component also had to pass the BMW Group’s head impact test to comply with the GS93016 standard. This called for stability and impact strength at the same time.

Christoph Gerling, Business Development Manager at K.D. Feddersen GmbH, assisted the team led by Jörg Sieverding, Project Manager at Müller-Technik, in selecting a suitable raw material.

Hostacom TRC 333N, a PP compound reinforced with 20% talcum was found to meet every one of the OEM’s expectations and requirements: low emissions, hence also low odour; high surface quality with excellent scratch resistance and a balance of stability and impact strength. The material is also easy to process due to its flowability. It is being used in the current series production in the OEM-specific color C12334 (BMW black).

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