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Liquid crystal polymers (LCP)

Liquid crystal polymers (LCP)

Highest Precision Meets Heat Resistance

Liquid crystal polymers (LCP) are halogen-free high-performance polymers with very good high-temperature behaviour in thin-wall applications with exceptionally precise and stable dimensions. The properties of LCPs include heat resistance up to 240 °C, short-term up to 340 °C. Very tight tolerances up to class T6 are possible. Other properties of liquid crystal polymers are a very low heat of fusion, which enables short cycle times, flash-free injection moulding and a very high tensile strength (up to 200 MPa) and tensile modulus (up to 30,000 MPa).

Application areas of LCP

Due to their very low coefficient of thermal expansion, comparable to that of steel and ceramics, and inherent flame retardancy (UL 94 V-0, some grades 5VA), liquid crystal polymers can be used in under-the-hood applications. Especially for thin-walled high-precision parts that are exposed to high heat, many developers and processors rely on this material. Plugs and connectors of all types are manufactured from LCP in large quantities. LCPs have also found their way into medical applications, where they can sometimes replace stainless steel.

 Some grades comply with the USP Class VI and ISO 10993 guidelines. Their use in medical devices is also supported by their resistance to gamma radiation, steam autoclaving and most chemical sterilisation methods.

Our product range includes glass fibre, carbon fibre, mineral and graphite filled grades. Electroplating and extrusion grades complete the portfolio.

These Liquid Crystal Polymers Are Available from K.D. Feddersen

Your Component Geometry Demands Highest Precision?

Our experts will help you to find the right material, even for challenging applications. K.D. Feddersen accompanies your project right from the start and determine whether LCP or an alternative high-performance plastic is suitable for you.