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Application Story

SOLO Mistblowers and Sprayers Used to Dispense Disinfectants

Pressure Sprayers and Mistblowers for Disinfection Process

Together Against Coronavirus

Our customer SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH is an expert for mistblowers and sprayers. Tried-and-tested in the field of plant protection for many years, SOLO found that they can be used for dispensing disinfectants as well. With the rapid worldwide spread of coronavirus COVID-19, this subject has gained much importance so that we are pleased that SOLO’s mistblowers and pressure sprayers can contribute to thorough and meticulous disinfection. As an engineering plastics distributor we ensure a smooth supply chain for SOLO.

Polyamide With Chemical Resistance Needed

K.D. Feddersen supplies SOLO with glass fibre reinforced polyamides (PA 6) of the AKROMID® B series from our sister company AKRO-PLASTIC. The material is resistant against chemicals, which is vital for its application in the pressure sprayers and mistblowers. They are used for treatment of larger outdoor areas or the disinfection of containers, carriages, public transportation and many other applications.

All of SOLO’s mistblowers and sprayers have a restricted use for the application of cleaning solutions and disinfectants. For more information, please refer to the download pdf.

Together we will certainly master the currently critical situation.

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