Skylonitrile® and Skystyrene®

rABS and rPS from SKYTECH





Recycled ABS and PS



Temperature range

-30 °C to +90 °C (continuous operating temperature)


Mobility, consumer goods, industry, sports & leisure

About the Product Family

Products with the trade name Skylonitrile® and Skystyrene® from SKYTECH are manufactured using a patented process technology (triboelectricity). SKYTECH pays special attention to the certification of its materials in connection with the quality control that is carried out at every stage of the production process for each batch produced. Skylonitrile® and Skystyrene® offer a wide range of applications in terms of MFI as well as Izod impact strength. This allows the products to meet the high mechanical as well as aesthetic requirements from the diverse areas of industry.

The product portfolio from SKYTECH is designed in such a way that both extrusion and injection moulding applications can be served. Particularly noteworthy is the significantly reduced CO2 footprint in contrast to conventional virgin materials. In this way, the materials of the manufacturer SKYTECH make it possible to meet the increasing requirements of a more sustainable circular economy and the goal of reduced CO2 emissions.


Thermische Eigenschaften

High heat resistance

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

100 % post-consumer recyclate

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Consistent quality

Spezifische Eigenschaften

Reduced carbon footprint

Spezifische Eigenschaften

RoHS conform

Spezifische Eigenschaften

ReacH conform

rABS & rPS product range
rABS & rPS gamme de produits (FR)

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