PP compound from LyondellBasell





Polypropylene compounds (PP)



Temperature range

-40 °C to +110 °C (continuous operating temperature)


Mobility, E&E, industry, consumer goods, sports & leisure

About the Product Family

Products with a soft-touch surface from LyondellBasell are marketed under the trade name Softell. Softell contains a soft-touch polypropylene (PP) resin based on LyondellBasell’s proprietary Catalloy process technology. Softell offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of applications in the group of polypropylene compounds (PP). In addition to automotive applications such as glove boxes, covers and inlay mats, Softell is also used for furniture and tool handles.

Further applications are acoustic dampers and tool handles produced in the 2-component (2C) process, consisting of a hard and a soft component. With Softell Textile, LyondellBasell has developed a soft-touch PP compound which has a textile structure on the surface. This can be used to replace laminated components. The process is simplified, saving time and costs. Examples of applications are pillar trim and seat belt guides in the automotive sector.


Mechanische Eigenschaften

Very high impact strength

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Good damping properties

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Low emission values

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

High scratch resistance

Spezifische Eigenschaften

Can be used as a 2-component soft component

Spezifische Eigenschaften

Matt surface with soft touch

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