High-molecular PP from LyondellBasell





Polypropylene compounds (PP)



Temperature range

-40 °C to +110 °C (continuous operating temperature)


Mobility, industry, consumer goods, sports & leisure

About the Product Family

With its high-molecular structure, Hostalen from LyondellBasell is suitable for applications in the extrusion, consumer goods and industrial sectors. Through targeted heat stabilisation of the high-molecular PP, it can be processed by extrusion as pipe for heating systems and cooling systems. Thanks to a special additive, Hostalen has very good resistance to rinsing and detergent solutions and is therefore ideally suited for waste water pipes.

In the consumer goods sector, Hostalen from LyondellBasell is used in applications such as rotary knobs and covers, which have a pleasant feel and do not squeak when being subjected to friction. In the industrial sector, Hostalen is found, for example, as a drip cutter. In addition to non-reinforced and heat-stabilised types, LyondellBasell also offers a flame-retardant type. We provide comprehensive advice on the processing and application of Hostalen. This advice is based on many years of experience, as we have had this product group in our distribution portfolio since 1978.


Mechanische Eigenschaften

Good damping properties

Chemische Bestaedigkeit

Rinse and detergent solutions resistant

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Heat ageing stable

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Pleasant haptics

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Good gliding properties

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Extrudable types

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