recPP compounds from LyondellBasell





Polypropylene compounds (PP)



Temperature range

-40 °C to +110 °C (continuous operating temperature)


Mobility, E&E, industry, consumer goods, sports & leisure

About the Product Family

The Circulen grades are sustainable PP compounds from LyondellBasell based on various recycling processes. The products are divided into three groups: CirculenRecover, CirculenRevive and CirculenRenew.

CirculenRecover are polymers made from plastic waste through a mechanical recycling process.

CirculenRevive are polymers that use advanced (molecular) recycling technologies to help convert plastic waste that cannot be recovered through mechanical recycling into a raw material for the production of new polymers.

CirculenRenew are polymers derived from renewable resources such as used cooking oil as feedstock.

The new Circulen product family from LyondellBasell supports the reduction of plastic waste by using recycled materials or residues, thus improving the eco-balance.


Mechanische Eigenschaften

High impact strength

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Good noise damping

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Good vibration damping

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Low shrinkage

Chemische Bestaedigkeit

High chemical resistance

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

High flowability

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Low emission

Spezifische Eigenschaften

Reduced carbon footprint

Spezifische Eigenschaften

Available in OEM colours

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