PE-UHMW from Celanese





Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW)



Temperature range

-200 °C to +90 °C


Mobility, industry, E&E, healthcare & medical, consumer goods

About the Product Family

GUR® PE-UHMW is a high-performance polyethylene from Celanese. PE-UHMW is a linear polyethylene (PE) with a much higher molecular weight than standard polyethylene. This ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has extraordinary impact strength and wear resistance even at very low temperatures. Another special feature of GUR® PE-UHMW is its extremely high resistance to abrasion and, due to its self-lubricating properties, GUR® PE-UHMW is an outstanding material for use in sliding applications.

GUR® PE-UHMW from Celanese is resistant to many chemicals and other media and has very good resistance to stress cracking. Due to its extremely high molecular mass, GUR® PE-UHMW cannot flow. Thus, the powdery material is suitable for processing by means of ram extrusion and pressure sintering. For injection moulding and screw extrusion, special grades are available from Celanese that are suitable for melt processing.


Mechanische Eigenschaften

Exceptionally high notched impact strength

Mechanische Eigenschaften

High energy absorption

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Excellent wear resistance

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Highly resistant to environmental stress cracking

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Very good noise-damping properties

Chemische Bestaedigkeit

Very high chemical resistance

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