Vydyne® and Polimid PA 6

PA 6 from Ascend Performance Materials



Ascend Performance Materials


Polyamid (PA)



Temperature range

-40 °C to +125 °C (continuous operating temperature)


Mobility, E&E, consumer goods, industry, sports & leisure

About the Product Family

The Vydyne® and Polimid product family from Ascend are tried and tested for use in various applications from engine compartment to E&E to consumer goods. It includes a broad portfolio of modified PA 6.6 and PA 6 compounds as well as grades with glass fibre reinforcement, mineral filling, glass/mineral filling or impact modification.

The engineering plastics from Ascend offer high quality and stiffness, strength, heat resistance, creep resistance under load, and chemical resistance.


Mechanische Eigenschaften

High strength and stiffness

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Very good impact strength

Mechanische Eigenschaften

Low creep tendency

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Excellent surface finish

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Easy processing

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Good colourability

PA 6.6
Automotive applications
Cable ties and fasteners
Consumer and industrial
Electrical and electronic
Long-chain polyamides
Polyamide solutions
Solutions polyamides (FR)

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