K.D. Feddersen distributes further E-LOOP products

New E-LOOP ABS/PC and PC/ABS grades from ELIX Polymers

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K.D. Feddersen Distribution is expanding its existing portfolio of ABS/PC and PC/ABS grades in the E-LOOP product family from Spanish plastics manufacturer ELIX Polymers.

In addition to the ELIX ABS E-LOOP H801 MR, the distributor is now also selling the ELIX ULTRA E-LOOP 4105 MR, the ELIX PC/ABS E-LOOP 5120 MR and 5130 MR. These injection moulding grades are characterised by a significant proportion of mechanically recycled polycarbonate (PC) and have a low CO2 footprint. H801 MR and 4105 MR are both ABS+PC (REC) blends with good impact strength and a Vicat/B50 of over 100 °C. The products 5120 MR and 5130 are easy-flowing PC (REC)+PC+ABS blends with a Vicat/B120 of 120 and 127 °C respectively.

According to the distributor, the first OEM approvals have already been granted for these sustainable MR blends (MR = Mechanical Recycling). The focus is therefore primarily on applications in the automotive sector.According to the manufacturer, the mechanical and rheological product properties of the ECO variants are comparable to the original versions made from 100% virgin material (virgin/prime grades).

The virgin grades H801 and ULTRA 4105 have long been proven and recognised product solutions for a variety of demanding applications in the automotive industry. For new vehicle models or model changes, components such as rear light housings, tailgate covers or glove compartments made from sustainable ABS+PC solutions with a lower CO2 footprint can now be used. With the PC+ABS blends, sustainable versions are also available for applications that require higher temperature resistance and/or higher impact strength. According to K.D. Feddersen, these grades are available in black or, on request, in dark automotive OEM colors.

"With the sustainable ABS blends, our customers are able to reduce the ecological footprint for their applications," says Hermann Legatzki, Head of Product Management at K.D. Feddersen. "By using the high-quality ECO variants, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 29 % compared to conventional prime versions."