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Long Fibre Reinforced Plastics (LFRT)

Long fibre reinforced compounds (LFRT)

Compounds for Metal Substitution With Low Warpage

In technical applications, the ratio between stiffness and weight, or also the specific stiffness, is one of the most important material properties. This applies in particular to structural or load-bearing applications. By incorporating reinforcing fibres that are longer than conventional fibres, the flexural modulus can be more than doubled and the impact strength at most quadrupled. These products, commonly referred to as long fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT), can be made from many semi-crystalline or amorphous thermoplastics and with a variety of different fibres of glass, stainless steel, carbon or aramid.

Production and Application Areas of LFRT

LFRT compounds are produced by pultrusion. The long fibres are impregnated so that they can serve as optimum reinforcement for the plastic matrix. LFRT products therefore have significantly higher mechanical properties, high notched impact strength, low creep tendency and very good stability in a wide temperature range and under various climatic conditions. Unlike conventional short fibre reinforced materials, the longer fibres form an internal “skeleton” of glass fibres that limits anisotropic shrinkage and greatly reduces the tendency of parts to warp.

LFRTs meet a wide range of requirements and are ideally suited as a metal substitute. They are used for structural parts and technical components, e.g. in the automotive sector, offer the required structural integrity, are corrosion-resistant and lead to a significant weight reduction compared to metal. Long fibre reinforced thermoplastics offer a combination of positive mechanical properties: impact resistance, creep resistance and low tendency to warp.

These LFRT Compounds Are Available from K.D. Feddersen

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