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HOSTAFORM® – POM from Celanese

K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for HOSTAFORM® POM from Celanese

POM Copolymer for Advanced Applications

HOSTAFORM® POM from Celanese is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic polymer. HOSTAFORM® polyoxymethylene copolymer is a versatile engineering plastic with good wear resistance, hardness and rigidity. This POM material is characterised by its good sliding friction behaviour, but also by its excellent dimensional stability, long-term creep resistance and outstanding resistance to moisture, alkaline solutions, fuels and many chemicals.

The chemical composition of Celanese's HOSTAFORM® makes it more resistant to thermal and oxidative degradation in comparison to acetal homopolymers. HOSTAFORM® POM can be easily and reliably processed using injection moulding or extrusion methods and is also suitable for two-component injection moulding with thermoplastic elastomers.

Our Distribution Portfolio for HOSTAFORM®


  • Extremely tough (up to -40 °C)
  • Extremely hard and stiff
  • High heat distortion temperature (service temperatures up to +100 °C)
  • Excellent spring characteristics
  • Favourable electric and dielectric behaviour
  • Very good coefficient of friction
  • Low tendency for environmental stress cracking
  • Good chemical resistance to e.g. fuels, solvents and strong alkalies
  • Low water absorption
  • Easily processed


  • Standard grades
  • Easy-flowing grades
  • High-strength grades
  • Glass fibre reinforced and glass bead reinforced grades
  • Grades with improved coefficient of friction
  • Impact-strength-modified grades (S grades)
  • Grades for medical technology (MT grades) raus
  • Emission-optimised grades (XAP grades)
  • Grades for use in the food industry or drinking water applications
  • Grades with superior resistance to corrosive media such as highly active detergents or chlorinated water
  • Hot-diesel-fuel-resistant grades (XF grades)
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Special colors for laser marking
  • UV stabilised grades
  • Electrically conductive grades (EC grades)
  • Biobased grades
  • Medical grades (MT grades)

Applications with HOSTAFORM®

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