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Donation in Kind for Taman Safari Park

Taman Safari Park Says “Thank You”

380 Bags Poultry Bedding Donated

Taman Safari Bogor, located in West Java in Indonesia, houses more than 3,000 animals including Bengal tigers, Malayan sun bears, giraffes and Sumatran elephants among others. The park stretches out 170 hectares. Like many animal parks, it has suffered from the economic effects of the Corona virus pandemic. The park had to close temporarily from March to May and had fewer visitors in general in 2020.

Manuel Denner from the representative office of K.D. Feddersen Ueberseegesellschaft mbH in Indonesia used the company’s connection to suppliers in the agricultural sector and donated 380 bags of poultry bedding. The material will be used for different species in the park. The director of the Taman Safari together with other representatives expressed their gratitude.