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Seat trim

PP Compound Hostacom TRC 364N in Vehicle Interiors

Talcum-reinforced Hostacom TRC 364N Used for Seat Trims

From Passenger Car to Van Interiors

For some years, Karl Etzel GmbH from M├╝hlacker in Baden-W├╝rttemberg has been using Hostacom TRC 364N for seat trims in Daimler passenger cars in the Daimler color shade black 9051. And now it's also being used for the van segment.

The good workability and the balanced mechanical properties, combined with the good scratch- and UV-resistance, as well as low emissions and odour, have prompted the processor to also use this material in the Daimler Sprinter.

Due to the long-standing successful cooperation with the plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen and the producer LyondellBasell, as well as the successful use of the material in the passenger car segment, the decision to use the 18 % talcum-reinforced PP-compound was easy and the component approval was granted quickly.

New Reduced-density Hostacom Grade from LyondellBasell

The Hostacom product range also fits well with the ongoing focus on lightweight construction in the automotive sector. With Hostacom TRC 2016N, LyondellBasell has already developed a reduced-density successor product for Daimler, which contributes to a lower vehicle weight and thus reduced CO2 emissions. This solution is already used in the passenger car segment. The scratch resistance has also been significantly improved.

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