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Light Diffusion

Panlite® ML-3210 ZLP (PC) for LED Application

Light-Diffusing Polycarbonate (PC) Provides Luminous Efficiency

Warm Light Ensures Accurate Work

Rohrlux GmbH, located in the East-Frisian town of Leer in Germany, has been developing lighting solutions for industrial and commercial use since 1954. In recent years, LED has become the standard in this special application area. But when the new Opus Mini LED work light was being developed, it was not enough to simply replace the lamp. The transparent plate also had to be redesigned to achieve optimal luminosity.

Engineers from the company's plastics processor, LMB Kunststofftechnik GmbH, also located in Leer, and the Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG cooperated to select the proper light-diffusing material for the plate. The previously used material was not viable due to its low flowability, since the mould was not filled completely. Therefore a material had to be selected that could easily be processed in the existing injection mould. Furthermore, the individual LEDs in the light had to be minimally visible whilst providing a high degree of luminous efficiency (lumens) for the user.

Panlite® Grades With High Flowability Used

Christoph Gerling, application engineer at K.D. Feddersen, presented Teijin's Panlite® PC product line, optimised specifically for LED applications. Out of Teijin’s broad LED portfolio three grades with different diffusion and transmission properties were jointly selected for sampling.

"We were able to process the Panlite® LED grades using standard parameters. The flowability was just right to produce flawless parts without any modification of the existing mould", remarked Mr Rieker from Production at LMB.

Gerhard Gruben, operations manager at Rohrlux, was completely satisfied with the lighting performance of the chosen material, Panlite® ML-3210 ZLP. "We are currently introducing our new generation of LED lamps to our customers and will bring them to market in the fourth quarter of 2014", said Gruben, indicating that further LED models are now in the development phase.

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