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New Mobility

Engineering Plastics for New Mobility

Challenges for Engineering Plastics in New Mobility

The automotive industry is changing – new mobility concepts are required. The plastics industry follows this trend and responds to the new requirements. We provided answers to the challenges of new materials at Fakuma 2020 under the banner "Plastic Solutions".

Flame Protection

Battery-powered vehicles place increased demands on the plastics used, especially when it comes to flame retardancy. Here, UL 94 V0 requirements are currently being discussed for batteries and current-carrying components.


Electrically Neutral Materials

The demands for electrically neutral materials in tomorrow’s automobiles will continue to increase. Digitally networked infrastructures are being created both in the vehicles and in the traffic environment. This also applies to internet-based services and extended infotainment. The number of sensors on board the vehicle is increasing exponentially. The large number of cables, connectors, control units and other mechatronic components must function without disruptions.


Look and Feel

In the future, the interior values will count much more in new vehicles than the exterior appearance. New interior concepts will place more emphasis on the design of surfaces, colors and tactile aspects (softtouch).

Lightweight Construction

For years now, this evergreen issue has been an indispensable part of the automotive industry. Thanks to new drive concepts, which are usually associated with additional masses, e.g. the battery, lightweight construction is more topical than ever. High-strength/rigidity engineering thermoplastics, metal-plastic hybrid solutions and low-density materials are in demand here.


Thin-walled technology

If the aim is to save even more weight by reducing wall thicknesses, the first thing to do is design the components and optimise their design. Here it is necessary to pull out all the stops in component development in order to be successful. 
M.TEC Ingenieurgesellschaft für kunststofftechnische Produktentwicklung mbH, since June 2018 also a member of the Feddersen Group, offers holistic product development including FEM simulation and, as a high-end innovation, the “digital twin” especially with this in mind.

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