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High Heat Products from ELIX Polymers New in Our Portfolio

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K.D. Feddersen and ELIX Polymers Expand Their Cooperation

Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen now distributes the ABS materials from plastics manufacturer ELIX Polymers (based in La Canonja, Tarragona, Spain) throughout Germany and, via its sister companies and local offices, in Austria, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. 

K.D. Feddersen’s portfolio includes not only the established ABS types made by ELIX, but also its new type of ABS products. These include, for example, a new generation of ABS high heat products that demonstrate improved flow properties and significantly lower emissions than previous types. The types ELIX ABS HH 3105, HH 3110 and HH 3114 meet numerous automotive standards and even the exacting requirements of VDA 277 (Determination of the emissions of organic compounds) and 278 (Thermal desorption analysis of organic emissions).

In addition, K.D. Feddersen will distribute new ELIX ABS electroplatable grades that have higher temperature resistance and lower emissions than the other electroplating-compatible materials on the market. ELIX ABS HH P2MC has a Vicat Softening Temperature (VST/B120) of 105°C. ELIX ABS Ultra HH 4115 PG, an ABS modified with PC, was designed for applications requiring higher temperature resistance and impact strength resistance. Both types ensure a high-quality surface, which results in a lower percentage of rejects during further processing.

“Our cooperation with ELIX follows our strategy of offering our customers engineering product solutions of excellent quality for the widest range of segments and requirements”, explains Wolfgang Wieth, Director Business Development at K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG.

Ramón Maestro, Business Manager ABS at ELIX Polymers, underlines this: “In K.D. Feddersen we have a strategic sales partner for our ABS products who will significantly strengthen our sales activities in Central and Northern Europe in all segments, including the automotive, electrical/electronics, construction and furniture industries, as well as in the field of sport and leisure”.

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