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Optimum Light

Light-tight and Higly Reflective ABS from ELIX Polymers

ELIX® ABS for Lighting Applications ABS for Optimal Light

ELIX® ABS – Putting Light in the Limelight

Engineering plastics have become an indispensable material for attractive lighting concepts, for example in the automotive industry. With the light-tight and highly reflective white pigment ABS grades from ELIX Polymers, we offer a material that convinces in many lighting concepts. In addition, the ABS scores with high heat resistance (up to +122 °C  as per Vicat B50), good flow properties, high impact strength and dimensional stability.

Due to its photometric properties, high heat distortion temperature and excellent mechanical characteristics, the high-reflective ABS is the ideal material, e.g. for reflectors, LED housings, light guides, segment displays or display systems. Benefit from these special properties for your lighting applications in the automotive and household appliance industries as well as in lighting technology

The ABS high-reflective grades are light-tight even for thin wall thicknesses and prevent light overflowing into other light chambers, e.g. in signal, warning, indicator and functional luminaires. As a result, only the light of the activated light chamber is illuminated and the luminosity of the illuminated symbols is significantly improved by the high light reflection. For lighting concepts, e.g. for ambient lighting in the automotive industry, a reflector made of ELIX® ABS is helpful in addition to the light source, light diffuser and/or light guide for an attractive lighting design. With a reflectance of up to 92 percent, the luminosity of the LED is significantly increased and the surface is homogeneously illuminated.

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