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Not just hot air

Air Vents for Scania Trucks

The entire module of air vents built into the new Scania Trucks requires various materials due to the different functionalities of the individual elements. The processor Novares, Löhne and the Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG have developed the optimal material combination for this.

Detailed view of the combs or strips made of HOSTAFORM® C9021 GV 1/10, which move the flaps.

The horizontal vanes are made of the heat-stabilised polyamide 6 compound AKROMID® B3 GF 30 1, reinforced with 30% glass fibre manufactured by AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH. The high batch consistency and the associated consistent quality of AKROMID® allow cost-efficient production and flawless function in complex modules. The requirements of the OEM in relation to mechanics, optics and emissions are met. In the assembly injection moulding, the depositories, also called combs/strips, are developed for the "vanes package". The vanes are overmoulded positively with HOSTAFORM® C9021 GV1/10, a POM reinforced with 10 % glass fibre manufactured by Celanese.

Scania air vents, left for the driver´s side, right for the passenger´s side.

It is important to note that no permanent connection is created, but that the vanes remain movable. The different shrinkage between the PA and the POM is therefore desired and as such contributes to the success of the function. Good tribology along with sufficient stiffness are crucial here. The materials were selected beforehand with the help of Christoph Gerling, Business Development Manager at K.D. Feddersen. With various sampling processes and the optimisation of the injection moulding tool, the interplay between the materials and components was designed optimally.

The mechanical parts of the operating elements are outside the barrel. In the middle is the rod for power transmission made of HOSTAFORM® C 9021 XAP² black.

The links between the controls and the vanes or ventilation flaps are also made of POM from Celanese, namely HOSTAFORM® C 9021 XAP². Here too, the tribological behaviour was the primary focus when selecting materials and designing the components. As this is an application in vehicle interiors, there are corresponding emissions requirements, which are perfectly fulfilled by the selected HOSTAFORM® grades.

As the distribution partner of AKRO-PLASTIC and Celanese, K.D. Feddersen keeps both materials in stock, allowing the on demand supply to Novares within 24h after call-off. This enables the company to operate both production and inventory management efficiently.

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