Bringing abuses to light

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Our motivation

Why a whistleblower system?

We consider it our obligation to recognise misconduct and non-compliance with rules as early as possible and to initiate appropriate countermeasures. This is the only way we can prevent damage to our company, our business partners and our employees and thus to ensure the long-term success of our company.


Questions & answers

Whistleblower system

Help us!

To effectively protect you as a whistleblower, we offer you a communication platform secured with the latest technology for submitting anonymous reports. Please find the courage to speak up. We thank you for your support.


That's how it works

The BKMS® system is a software as a service solution from Business Keeper AG, experts in the field of compliance. It is a platform for a secure dialogue between whistleblowers and recipients as well as the subsequent legally secure and traceable processing of compliance reports.

The following is technically ensured:

  • The anonymity of the whistleblower, if desired 

  • A protected, encrypted dialogue between the person reporting and the reviser  

  • An ISO 27001-certified secure data center  

  • A low threshold for reporting  

  • Secured documentation/proof of messages  

  • A dedicated authorisation management