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PMMA from Röhm

PLEXIGLAS®, CYROLITE® from Röhm, formerly Evonik Industries

K.D. Feddersen – Your Distributor for Röhm

The German company Röhm GmbH develops and produces high-quality methacrylate chemicals. It was carved out from Evonik Industries’ Methacrylate Verbund in August 2019 and takes over the long-standing PLEXIGLAS® brand. The company name goes back to Otto Röhm, a pioneering chemist who discovered the transparent, versatile plastic material PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) 85 years ago.

The material has since been developed further with CYROLITE®, a modified PMMA for medical applications, and PLEXIMID®, a PMMI (polymethyl methacrylimide). K.D. Feddersen is official distributor for engineering plastics from Röhm in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

High-performance Plastics from Röhm

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