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Panlite® – PC from Teijin

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Panlite® – the Ideal Choice

Teijin's Panlite® is characterised by high transparency, heat resistance, toughness and dimensional accuracy. The manufacturing process. Teijin uses for its polycarbonate is different from that of other suppliers. The so-called solvent process ensures a very pure product with excellent optical properties. This production process ensures excellent thermal stability in the melt and minimises the risk of yellowing in the finished product. Due to its high transparency, Panlite® is ideally suited for optical applications.

Various Polycarbonate Grades Available

In addition to standard grades, the polycarbonate range includes UV-modified grades with different viscosities for injection moulding and extrusion.

The flame-retardant PC portfolio includes glass fibre reinforced and non-reinforced grades with a fire class rating of up to UL 94 V0 or UL 94 5VA. Selected Panlite® grades meet the requirements of the glow wire test up to a maximum temperature of 960 °C.

A wide range of light-diffusing polycarbonate grades is available for lighting applications. Particularly noteworthy are the flame-retardant light-diffusing Panlite® grades, with UL 94 V2 or V0, which have an improved luminous flux in the range of the visible wavelengths of light. These Panlite® Light Diffusion products also impress with their white color in OFF mode.

Panlite® is the ideal choice for polycarbonate applications in vehicle construction, electrical & electronics, lighting technology, optics and other industries.

Our Panlite® Distribution Portfolio


  • High strength, stiffness and hardness
  • Excellent impact strength
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Good electrical properties
  • High optical quality


  • Standard PC, colorless
  • Standard PC, UV-stabilised, colorless
  • Flame-retardant, UV-stabilised, black or dyed
  • Glass fibre reinforced, flame-retardant, UV-stabilised, black or dyed
  • Light-diffusing, white
  • Flame-retardant, light-diffusing, UV-stabilised, white

Application Examples for Panlite®

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Availability of Panlite® in Your Region

Please note that our product range varies for the different sales regions. In our product filter you can check the regional availability of Panlite®. It detects your sales region and shows you our respective offer. You can of course also switch the sales region.

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