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Multilon® – PC/ABS from Teijin

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Multilon® – the PC/ABS With Special Properties

Multilon® from Teijin Ltd. is a blend of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The combination of the two amorphous plastics combines both thermal and mechanical properties and therefore offers high temperature resistance, impact strength and good surface properties. In addition, Multilon® has good flowability as well as a high finish quality and tactile properties and is ideally suited for the coating process.


Compared with other PC+ABS grades, Multilon® T-2760B is distinguished not only by its good product properties but also by its low surface gloss and low density. Components made of Multilon® T-2760B are lighter and do not require additional matt coating.

Due to its property profile, Multilon® from Teijin is excellently suited for automotive interior applications and is listed by numerous European and Asian OEMs. The PC+ABS blend is well-established in series production.

Our Portfolio for Automotive Interior Applications


  • High impact strength, Charpy notched impact strength (+23 °C) 50-75 kJ/m²
  • Excellent flow behaviour, MVR (260 °C/5 kg) up to 28 cm³/10 min
  • High heat deflection temperature up to 128 °C according to Vicat B50
  • Excellent processability and paintability

Unfilled PC+ABS blends for automotive interior applications:

  • Multilon® T-2810R: High heat resistance, easy flowing
  • Multilon® T-2830R: Medium heat resistance, easy flowing
  • Multilon® T-2760B: Low density, low gloss

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