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New Mobility

New Mobility at K.D. Feddersen

New Mobility

Moving forward with new mobility

The most prevalent change in personal motorized mobility since the change from horses to cars is upon us. The reliance on unsustainable fuels gave rise to a freedom in mobility like never before. To sustain this freedom without sacrificing our future on our planet, the change to a new mobility is necessary. 

This new mobility for which the battery-electric technology is currently the most promising leads to new challenges with new applications. This requires a rethinking of material solutions because new requirements like flame-retardancy and increasing requirements like low weight, heat stability and impact resistance come with these technologies.

To support you in this new and challenging environment we offer our technical expertise and a wide range of high-performance polymers including to our already widely established portfolio for known automotive applications. These high-performance materials are especially fitting for the complexity of new and sometimes contradictory requirements.

You can get an overview of the available polymers as well as more background information with the presentations linked below.

Putting power on the road with our Portfolio

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