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Engineering Plastics from Our Partner Idemitsu

sPS amd PC from Our Partner Idemtisu

K.D. Feddersen UK Ltd. – Your Distributor for Xarec™ and Tarflon ™ from Idemitsu

Idemitsu Chemicals Europe PLC. is the European Chemical Products subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. and was founded 1991. The Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. is a Japanese mineral oil and energy company based in Tokyo, which operates in the oil, petrochemicals, chemicals, renewable energy and other segments.

Since 2005 Idemitsu Chemicals Europe GmbH focuses on products with high added value, like engineering plastics.The sPS (syndiotactic polystyrene) Xarec™ that Idemitsu first developed in 1985 is one of them and part of our distribution portfolio. A long partnership connects K.D. Feddersen and Idemitsu.

Xarec™ sPS and Tarflon™ PC from Our Partner Idemitsu

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Technical Datasheets from Idemitsu

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