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Recycling Polyamide (PA)

K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for ECOMID® Recycling PA Compounds from Celanese

Recycled Polyamide With Consistent Quality

Recyclates offer solutions for several challenges in the plastics industry, such as careful treatment of valuable raw materials and their reuse. The recycled polyamide (PA) ECOMID® from Celanese combines these benefits with high quality.

The recycled content consists of high-quality polyamide fibres and textiles, whereby the careful manufacturing process ensures the reproducibility of the material with consistent quality. ECOMID® is very easy to process by injection moulding and has good impact strength, strength and rigidity. In addition, some of the types from our portfolio are listed according to UL 94 HB

ECOMID® and other polyamides from Celanese are new in our portfolio. Check out our presentation below for more info.

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Our Distribution Portfolio for ECOMID®


  • Recycled post industrial PA 6, PA 6.6 compounds containing high-quality polyamide fibres and textiles
  • High and consistent quality
  • Sustainability
  • Good impact strength
  • Very good strength and stiffness
  • UL listed with UL 94 HB (product-dependent)
  • Very good processability
  • High resistance to organic solvents
  • Good resistance to wear and fatigue at high temperatures
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Compliant with RoHS norms

Our Product Range

  • Non-reinforced grades
  • Glass fibre reinforced grades
  • Impact-modified grades
  • Heat-stabilised grades
  • Mineral-filled grades

Availability of ECOMID® in Your Region

Please note that our product range varies for the different sales regions. In our product filter you can check the regional availability of ECOMID®. It detects your sales region and shows you our respective offer. You can of course also switch the sales region.

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