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Engineering Plastics from Our Partner Celanese

Plastic Compounds from Celanese

K.D. Feddersen – Your Distributor for Celanese

Celanese is a global technology and special materials company and our long-standing partner for engineering plastics. We can look back on more than 50 years of cooperation, which began in 1968 with the conclusion of the distribution agreement for HOSTAFORM® polyoxymethylene (POM). Since then, we have steadily expanded our distribution portfolio, from long fibre reinforced compounds (LFRT) to polyphenylene sulfides (PPS) and liquid crystal polymers (LCP).

Since 2019 we also offer the polyamides (PA) and polyphthalamides (PPA) of Celanese NILIT and the thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) of Celanese SO.F.TER. Since then, our distribution portfolio of this manufacturer has included amorphous and semi-crystalline base plastics, engineering plastics and high-performance plastics.

Due to the long cooperation, we have extensive knowledge about Celanese materials and their application areas. We offer our customers comprehensive technical support in addition to tailor-made logistics concepts.

High-performance Plastics from Celanese

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Plastics for Medical Applications

Medical Grade Portfolio from Celanese

Applications in the healthcare sector need to adhere to strict standarts, ensure saftey and guarantee various technical properties such as high barrier properties, chemical resistance, strength, rigidity or tribology. We can offer you a suitable portfolio.

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