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Raw Polymers and Additives for Compounding and Extrusion Applications

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Distributing Raw Polymers and Additives

Polymers for Compouding and Extrusion

Through subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, Asia and Latin America, we offer high-quality products vital for a wide range of industries: automotive, electrical, medical or food packaging. Our customers profit from our business know-how and long-term partnerships with renowned producers. Our product portfolio includes PBT, polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6, POM, polyketone, TPE-E, PBAT, PBS, nigrosine and titanium dioxide.

We specialise in the worldwide distribution of raw polymers and additives for compounding, filament, film, semi-finished products and cable coating. Whatever your requirement, we can support you with our know-how, product quality and long-term partnerships with renowned producers in the industry. Whatever the application, we can help you find the right product. 

Raw Polymers and Additives

The Right Product for Your Application


Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6.6






Additives and Pigments

Biodegradable Raw Polymers PBAT and PBS



Recycled Polymers


Titanium Dioxide

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