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Metal Finishing Products

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Chemicals for the Metal Treatment Industry

Chemicals and Equipment for Metal Treatment

Customers from the metal treatment, galvanising and electroplating industry make use of our extensive range of chemicals, alloys and equipment like furnaces, kettles and crane systems from top quality suppliers. Without metal finishing, many products made from metal would only last a fraction of their current lifespan. Due to special steel composition of the kettles and unique manufacturing methods, the kettles manufactured by W. Pilling Kesselfabrik GmbH & Co. KG are extremely long lasting which reduces the downtime in galvanising plants and increase their output.

Furthermore, our pre- and post-treatment chemicals and alloys from Dipl.-Ing. Herwig GmbH help galvanising plants to reduce the zinc pickup to lower their production costs and improve the appearance of the zinc coating at the same time. Herwig’s portfolio includes degreasers, inhibitors, fluxes, special alloys as well as nickel and zinc rust protectors.

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