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Additives for Food Processing

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Products for the Food Processing Industry

Additives for the Food Processing Industry

As a trusted partner to the food processing industry, we cooperate with the leading manufacturers of additives for the processing of seafood, meat and noodle products as well as for the cleaning of sugar mills and refineries. Our product range includes phosphates, phosphate blend and non-phosphates from ICL/BK Giulini GmbH which are used for shrimp and fish products processing.

Furthermore, we supply antiscalants, wetting agents and seed suspension for processing of sugar as well as various disinfection and special reactive resin-based flooring systems to improve hygiene and safety in food factories and slaughterhouses.

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Meeting the Latest Food and Safety Standards

Chemicals Used in the Food Processing Sector

Phosphates and Non-Phosphates for Processing Shrimps and Fish

Disinfection and Flooring Systems for Food Production

Additives for the Processing of Sugar

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