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Polyketone (PK)

Polyketone (PK)

Chemical-resistant Polymer With Good Tribology

Polyketone (PK) is a unique plastic with a carbon backbone consisting of polar ketone groups. Its flexible chains and molecular symmetry improve crystallisation, resulting in many positive properties, such as high impact strength, low wear and high barrier properties. Polyketone has low moisture absorption, so that the mechanical properties are only affected to a very limited extent. In a standard climate, water absorption is less than 0.5%.

PK is particularly characterised by its outstanding chemical resistance. Polyketone resists weak acids without problems; only very strong acids and alkalis attack the chain structure. PK has a very low creep tendency – it can be deformed elastically and thus reversibly. In this way, the mechanical properties of a workpiece made of PK remain constant even at changing temperatures.

Application Areas of Polyketone

Polyketone is used for technical components in mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry, e.g. as a fuel line. The material is also used in the electronic/electrical industry, for example in housings or switches. The low moisture absorption distinguishes polyketone from other polymers and, compared to other semi-crystalline polymers, it provides very good elasticity.

At K.D. Feddersen you can obtain non-reinforced, glass fibre reinforced and carbon fibre reinforced as well as tribologically modified grades.

These PK Grades Are Available From K.D. Feddersen

We advise you as to which PK is best for your application.

Our experts will help you to find the right polyketone for your individual requirements. We have been a distributor in the plastics industry for 60 years, so you can benefit from our materials expertise and knowledge of the market.