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Think Together

Lectures on Plastics Engineering

Plastics Engineering Course

Think Together – Newly Conceived as Tailor-made Customer Events!

The customer benefit analysis 2018 has shown clearly – our customers greatly appreciate K.D. Feddersen’s competence in all aspects of plastics engineering – from materials, processing, component and tool design to the final application, i.e. the product of our customers.

At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers in the plastics industry is leading to an increasing demand for consulting, training and education on the part of customers. That is why K.D. Feddersen’s sales teams – our account managers and application developers – bring Think Together on-site to our customers’ operations.

“In this way, we help our customers achieve their goals better, whether through the improved products that they develop and manufacture or by increasing the efficiency and profitability of their processes,” says Wolfgang Wieth, Director of Business Development at K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG.

Our offer

The specialist lectures are designed to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. Of course, we also respond very individually to the target group – be it commercial staff, production employees, developers or project managers. The circle of participants is usually quite small, so that specialised topics and questions can be discussed intensively. 

In the first four months of the year, 89 employees of our customers were already trained and provided with technical support in 14 Think Together events of the new form. The events are currently offered for German customers.

Since the quality certifications of our customers require proof of regular employee training, we confirm the participation in Think Together by issuing the corresponding personalised certificates.

You want to know more about Think Together?

Wolfgang Wieth is happy to help you.

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