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Micro Injection Moulding

LCP VECTRA® for High Temperature Application

VECTRA® as an Alternative to PEEK for Micro Injection Moulding

High-performance Material for Demanding Application

The company Kunststofftechnik Jantsch specialises in tiny components. Still, the development of a small diffusor for the engine bay of a natural gas car was a challenge. Since the car was about to be produced in series the construction of the engine bay could not be altered by any means. K.D. Feddersen supported the automotive supplier and helped them choose the material.

The size of the diffusor was not the only difficulty. The laminar flow component needed to resists temperatures from -120 °C to 150 °C. These requirements suggested using the high-performance engineering plastic PEEK. But it turned out that neither PEEK nor the alternative PPS were suited for the challenging component. K.D. Feddersen suggested using the LCP VECTRA® from Celanese and gave valuable tips for the processing. 


The German magazine Kunststoffe published an article about this project.

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