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ELIX Polymers Again Awarded for ABS Offer

Congratulations from K.D. Feddersen to ELIX Polymers

The awards for best polymer producers from the European Plastics Association (EuPC) are well-established and have been given out during their annual meeting in June. They were established to increase constructive communication and feedback culture between manufacturers and users of engineering plastics in Europe. ELIX Polymers, our partner for high-quality ABS compounds, have again won in the ABS category. We from K.D. Feddersen sincerely congratulate our partner.

The “Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe” are awarded by the Polymers for Europe Alliance , an initiation of EuPC, on behalf of plastics processors in Europe. The voting was organised with an anonymous online form and voters rated the producers according to their delivery reliability, communication, polymer quality, regulatory compliance and innovation and sustainability. The categories were LPPE, LLPOE, HDPE, PET, PVC, PS, PP and ABS.

“This award confirms our own very good experience with ELIX Polymers as a distributor”, says Hermann Legatzki, product manger at K.D. Feddersen. “We have recently expanded our distribution portfolio and now include the Chemical Compliance grades for food applications, toys, and cosmetic containers in January. We will include more interesting products for our customers in this year.”

Find out more about our distribution portfolio here.

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