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Chemikalien für die Metallbearbeitungsindustrie

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Ammonium bifluoride / hydrogenfluoride

for matt etching in glass processing and for etching and cleaning of non-ferrous metals

Copper Sulphate

pentahydrate, free flowing macrocrystalls with min. 99% purity

Drilling Bars & Bits

customized and durable drilling bars and bits for rotary or rotary rock drilling.

Furnace Systems for Batch Galvanizing

Furnace Systems, Equipment and Engineering Services for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines

Manganese carbonate

high quality Maganese carbonate for production of Electrolytic Maganese Dioxide (EMD)

Tanks for Pretreatment

Steel and Plastics tanks for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines

Adacid 337 by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Inhibitor for Hydrochloric acid pickling bath, to inhibit over-pickling

Antifuma by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Inhibitor and Fume Suppressant for Pickling Bath, reduces acid fumes and inhibit over-pickling

Hega-Alloys DASt by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Zinc Alloys containing optimized quantities of Tin, Bismuth and Aluminum for the zinc bath. Improves...

Hegaclean 135 A by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Alkaline Degreaser for heavy duty degreasing at 50 - 80°C

Hegaflux 10 by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Double Salt Flux for Hot Dip Galvanizing Process, Start up and Top up Flux

Hegaflux Ferrokill by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Special Flux Salt for continous iron separation and permanent pH control, as Top up for Flux bath in...

Keboclean VZS by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Hersteller: Dipl.-Ing. Herwig GmbH
Acid Degreaser which degreases effectively at 5 - 40 °C, which means no heating and no rinsing bath...

Kebosol FB by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Hersteller: Dipl.-Ing. Herwig GmbH
Wetting Agent to improve wetting ability of Hegaflux solutions, improves covering of steel with Flux

Nickel (DAP) Powder by Dipl.-Ing. Herwig

Hersteller: Dipl.-Ing. Herwig GmbH
special high-density Nickel Powder which gets added by Direct Alloysing Process (DAP) to the zinc...

Intensive Mixers by Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich

Hersteller: Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG
high-performance EIRICH intensive mixers for batch prepartions in glass, ceramic, foundry and...

Galvanizing Kettles by W. Pilling

customized kettles made of special steel with unique design, manufactured by electroslag welding,...

High Performance Zinc Pumps by W. Pilling / Dietermann

High Performance Zinc Pumps for hot dip galvanizing plants

Melting Crucibles and Pans by W. Pilling

Hersteller: W. Pilling Riepe GmbH & Co. KG / Wilhelm Dietermann GmbH
melting crucibles for melting of lead, magnesium or aluminum
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