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EBA from Lucobit

Engineering Plastics from Lucobit

K.D. Feddersen – Your Distributor for Lucobit EBA Plastics

LUCOBIT AG with its headquarter in Wesseling, Germany, specialises in the development and production of thermoplastic polyolefins. The brand LUCOBIT® goes back to 1953, patented by the companies’ predecessors Shell and BASF AG. The long experience in the development of this material makes LUCOBIT a true expert in the field of high-quality materials for the plastics industry.

Its core business is high-quality specialty plastics based on flexible polyolefins, which are used in sealing technologies, asphalt modifications and in numerous other segments of modern plastics processing. K.D. Feddersen is the distributor in Sweden.

High-quality Polyolefins from Lucobit

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