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Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) and polypropylene compounds (PPC)

From Bulk Plastics for Packaging to Structural Material for Technical Applications

The semi-crystalline thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) belongs to the group of polyolefins and is produced by polymerisation of propene, a monomer. An important property of the material is its very good resistance to organic solvents and fats, as well as acids and alkalis. PP has a lower density than other plastics and an upper continuous service temperature of 100 to 110 °C.

Polypropylene compounds are produced using a blend of one or more basic polyolefins and various modifiers, for example for improved impact strength, filler materials such as glass fibres or carbon fibres and/or additives.

Fillers Improve Mechanical Properties of PP

The stiffness, hardness and strength of PP are lower compared to other plastics such as polyamide, but can be increased by fillers. The addition of mineral fillers such as talc and mineral, carbon or glass fibres is common. This opens up a wide range of application areas. In the automotive sector, PP compounds can be used in interior and exterior applications as well as in the engine compartment, due to their high chemical resistance.

Examples are dashboards, covers, crash absorber elements and battery housings. PP with heat and UV stabilisers is used for electrical applications.

Our Portfolio

K.D. Feddersen offers non-reinforced glass fibre, glass bead, glass fibre/mineral and carbon fibre reinforced PPs. Our distribution portfolio also includes UV-stabilised, density-reduced, creep-optimised and highly crystalline grades as well as special PP compounds with a textile look or metallic effect (mold-in-color technology).

These PP Grades and PP Compounds Are Available Through K.D. Feddersen

Please note that our product range varies for the different sales regions. Please check with our experts if the product is available in your region from K.D. Feddersen or have a look into our delivery programmes.

Find the right PP or PP compound for your application

Our experts will help you to find a suitable material for your individual requirements. We have been a distributor in the plastics industry for 60 years, so you can benefit from our materials expertise and knowledge of the market.