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Plastics for Medical Applications

Medical Grade Polymers With Many Approvals

Your Trustworthy and Competent Partner

Modern medical technology is inconceivable without plastics. They combine cost-effective and simple processing in injection moulding and extrusion with technical properties such as high barrier properties, chemical resistance, strength, rigidity or tribology. At K.D. Feddersen, you receive customised, advanced and biocompatible polymers for your applications. As an injection moulder in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, you benefit from our expertise and extensive portfolio. 

    We know that applications in the medical sector require a long lead time and close scrutiny. That is why you can rely on the following at K.D. Feddersen:

    • Safety – Through long-term availability without formulation changes.
    • Compliance – According to FDA and EU requirements, biocompatibility (USP 23 Class VI / ISO 10993), and an extended test certificate where required
    • Support – Close support in material selection, to suit your existing processes and tools where possible

    Medical Grade POM, LCP, PPS, PBT, EVA

    Our Medical Grade Portfolio

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    Grades: 8U03, 2U01, 12U03, 9U05
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    ↓ VECTRA® MT

    Grades: 1305, 1310, 1335, 1345
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    Grades: 9140L4, 9140L6
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    Grades: 2401, 2402, 2404, 2405
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    ↓ ATEVA® G

    Grades: 1081G, 1807EG, 2820AG, 7110
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    Medical Grade Plastics

    For Highest Requirements

    Be on the safe side with us. We support you in selecting the right material that fits your specification exactly. Below an example:

    A laser-marked precision dosing application for insulin pens. Several HOSTAFORM® MT grades are tried and tested.

    Your advantages:

    • High product purity
    • Consistent formulation and long-term supply security
    • Excellent tribology
    • High stiffness and strength

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