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Polyketone from Our Partner Hyosung

POKETONE™ from Hyosung

K.D. Feddersen – Your Partner for Polyketon

The Korean HYOSUNG CHEMICAL Inc. relies on 50 years of technical skills and know-how in the petrochemical sector. Established as Tong Yang Nylon in 1966, the company gradually became active in the manufacturing of engineering materials. HYOSUNG began developing polyketone (PK) in 2004. After 10 years of research and development, the material was successfully commercialised in 2013. 

HYOSUNG CHEMICAL produces the PK under the brand name POKETONE™ in Yongyeon, Ulsan, South Korea, with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year. Polyketone is an engineering plastic and, due to its special properties, can be used in a wide range of segments such as:

  • Automobile / E-Mobility
  • E&E
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Consumer Goods

    Polyketone (PK) from Our Partner Hyosung

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