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VECTRA® and ZENITE® – LCP from Celanese

K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for VECTRA® and ZENITE® LCP from Celanese

Liquid Crystal Polymers for Demanding Applications

VECTRA® and ZENITE® liquid crystal polymers (LCP) from Celanese are a range of high-performance thermoplastics with special product properties. These highly crystalline, thermotropic thermoplastics are distinguished from other semi-crystalline plastics by their special molecular structure, which consists of rigid, rod-like macromolecules that are ordered during the melt phase to form liquid crystal structures.

VECTRA® LCP and ZENITE® LCP exhibit very good temperature behaviour, high chemical resistance, outstanding dimensional stability and are inherently flame-resistant. In the melt phase, LCPs have low viscosity, which makes it possible to manufacture delicate injection-moulded parts with high precision and dimensional accuracy. The VECTRA® and ZENITE® product range includes numerous LCP grades for injection moulding, extrusion, co-extrusion and blow moulding.

Our Distribution Portfolio for VECTRA® and ZENITE®



• Service temperatures up to +240 °C, short-term up to +340 °C

• Very low melt viscosity

• Extremely close tolerances possible (up to tolerance class T6)

• Very low heat of fusion (extremely short cycle times possible)

• Flash-free injection moulding

• Very high tensile strength (to 200 MPa) and modulus of elasticity (to 30,000 MPa)

• High impact strength

• Very small linear coefficient of thermal expansion, comparable to that of steel and ceramic

• Inherently flame-retardant (UL 94 V0, some grades with 5 VA)

• Very good resistance to chemicals and oxidation

• Minimal water absorption


Our Product Range


• Glass fibre reinforced grades

• Carbon fibre reinforced grades

• Fibre/filler modified grades

• Mineral and graphite filled grades

• Electroplating and conductive grades

• Extrusion grades

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