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CELANEX® and PIBITER® – PBT from Celanese

K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for CELANEX® and PIBITER® PBT from Celanese

High Temperature Resistance

CELANEX® from Celanese is a partially crystalline saturated polyester based on polybutylene terephthalate. The manufacturer's PBT also includes the partially crystalline, unsaturated PBT compound PIBITER®. CELANEX® and PIBITER® are characterised by high strength, hardness and rigidity and good creep strength, even at higher temperatures. Added to this is its excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and high insulation resistance. Accordingly, CELANEX® and PIBITER® have very good electrical properties.

In addition, they are also resistant to many chemicals, solvents, oils and greases. The extensive PBT range offers a large selection for many different technical applications, requirements and plastics processing methods. For example, they are used as electrical connectors or in the engineering industry. Elastomer-modified PBTs are also available with PIBITER® HI, which are also characterised by high impact resistance.

Our Distribution Portfolio for CELANEX®


  • Extremely hard and stiff
  • Good creep behaviour
  • High heat distortion temperatures, particularly in glass fibre reinforced grades (service temperatures to +140 °C)
  • Favourable coefficient of friction and wear performance
  • High dimensional stability (small coefficient of thermal expansion, low water absorption)
  • Good electrical characteristics
  • Good chemical resistance
  • No environmental stress cracking
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Rapid crystallisation resulting in optimised cycle times
  • Paintable
  • Flame-retardant (UL 94 V0, some grades with 5 VA) with proper surface treatment


  • Standard grades
  • Glass fibre reinforced grades
  • Glass bead reinforced grades
  • Glass fibre reinforced grades with high-gloss surface
  • Glass fibre/mineral-reinforced grades
  • UV-stabilised grades
  • Standard and halogen-free grades with flame-retardant surface treatment (XFR types) listed UL 94 V0, partial 5 VA
  • Special colors for laser marking
  • MetalX metallic effect
  • Recycled grades
  • Biobased grades
  • Medical grades (MT grades)

Our Distribution Portfolio for PIBITER®


  • Extremely hard and stiff
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good electrical properties
  • Excellent performance at high temperatures

Our Product Range

  • Flame-retardant grades (UL 94 V0)
  • Elastomer modified grades (PIBITER® HI)

Availability of CELANEX® in Your Region

Please note that our product range varies for the different sales regions. In our product filter you can check the regional availability of CELANEX®. It detects your sales region and shows you our respective offer. You can of course also switch the sales region.

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