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AKROTEK® PEEK – Polyetheretherketone from AKRO-PLASTIC

From January 1, 2021, AKRO-PLASTIC will market its products completely independently in Germany. K.D. Feddersen will no longer act as distributor. 

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K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for AKROTEK® PEEK from AKRO-PLASTIC

Metal Replacement for Demanding Applications

AKROTEK® PEEK from AKRO-PLASTIC is a high-end engineering plastic that is a solution for applications, such as extreme operating temperatures, contact with aggressive substances, unfavourable wear and friction situations. AKROTEK® PEEK meets these challenges with several outstanding characteristic properties, such as high continuous operating temperature (above 342 °C) and very good chemical resistance. The PEEK also possesses excellent insulation and electrical resistance properties as well as low moisture absorption and flammability.

The combination of high impact strength, tensile strength and flexural strength in high-fill glass and carbon fibre AKROTEK® PEEK compounds allow for use in a broad range of applications. Particularly in applications where metal should be replaced or where weight reduction is necessary, AKROTEK® PEEK offers an alternative. Examples are applications in electric industries and clutch and chassis components in automotive.

Our Distribution Portfolio for AKROTEK® PEEK


  • Extremely high heat resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low creep, even at elevated temperatures
  • Low abrasion tendency
  • Low smoke gas density
  • Inherently flame-retardant
  • High resistance to gamma radiation (sterilisation)


  • Customer-specific compounds
  • Glass fibre reinforced grades up to 60 %
  • Carbon fibre reinforced grades up to 50 %
  • Tribological modified grades
  • Different viscosities for all processing technologies
  • Micro granulate

AKROTEK® Technical Datasheets

In our product filter you can download technical datasheets for many AKROTEK® PEEK grades in our portfolio.

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