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From January 1, 2021, AKRO-PLASTIC will market its products completely independently in Germany. K.D. Feddersen will no longer act as distributor. 

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K.D. Feddersen Is Your Distributor for AKROMID® RM from AKRO-PLASTIC

Polyamide with Reduced Moisture Absorption

Polyamides typically absorb moisture (e.g. humidity), which results in increased flexibility and toughness and reduced stiffness. However, resultant changes in volume (swelling) can lead to warpage of the component. With AKROMID® RM, AKRO-PLASTIC has developed a polyamide which exhibits positive properties of PA 6 yet boasts lower moisture absorption.

With a reduction in moisture absorption of up to 50 % compared to standard PA 6, the residual stiffness and strength of the components after conditioning is bigger than with standard PA 6 and weight-saving is possible.

AKROMID® RM is available in the product line AKROMID® RM-M (mechanical grades) at K.D. Feddersen.

Our Distribution Portfolio for AKROMID® RM


  • PA 6-based polymer blends
  • Reduced moisture absorption compared with PA 6
  • Very good mechanical properties in the conditioned state
  • Higher dimensional stability


  • Glass fibre reinforced grades up to 50 %
  • Process-optimised grades
  • Compounds with increased chemical resistanc

Applications for AKROMID® RM

AKROMID® Technical Datasheets

In our product filter you can download technical datasheets for many AKROMID® RM grades in our portfolio.

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